Katherine Grace Maley



Sisyphus Never Knew Times Like These

Sisyphus Never Knew Times Like These is Katherine Grace Maley's first collection of poetry.

This collection of poetry contains poems written between 2006 and 2016. The poems are inspired by moments deemed, by the author, both too difficult and too joyous to be understood by the mythical Sisyphus.

The book was first printed and hand-bound in an edition of 25 in 2016.

The second edition of Sisyphus Never Knew Times Like These has been machine printed and bound and contains 33 poems and 4 photos, including 12 new poems not previously released.


Bitchier Epitaphs

8 issues

Featuring 16 original poems and their accompanying drawing, Bitchier Epitaphs is Inspired by micro-poetry and classic DIY zines. Maley explores “crassness” and sass within each piece to point at life’s futility and the legacies we’re leaving behind through social media.

Each page is a poem within an illustration as a tomb stone or mausoleum placard and is written to passive-aggressively defend the dead being it represents.

Bitchier Epitaphs is printed and bound in the author's studio in editions of 25 and 15.


Please Handle With Care

Please Handle with Care is Katherine Grace Maley's second collection of poetry.

Inspired by deep love and tragic loss, this collection of poetry was written primarily in 2016 and 2017 with some selections from earlier. This collection journeys through the stages of love through loss linking deep passion and deep pain and how the eye and the mind change through the ups and downs accompanied by these inescapable and primal human interactions.

Upcoming releases

In Touch With Violence

Katherine Grace Maley’s first collection of fiction. It will contain 10 new stories

coming Winter 2019

Poems For Strangers I Fell In Love With But Never Introduced Myself To

a hand-made collection of poems written between 2016 and 2017.

coming Summer 2019